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 More Patch Details 1.5.1

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PostSubject: More Patch Details 1.5.1   Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:53 am


1. When you extract Aether, there’s a chance that Aether Poison Gas will infiltrate your body. The poison blocks gathering for a certain period of time unless you detoxify the poison.

- Once you are poisoned the only way to detoxify yourself is to utter the "Cleansing Word.”

- To utter the Cleansing Word, type the randomly given letters and numbers within the designated time

- When you utter the Word, you get three chances to enter the correct letter/number sequence. If you fail three times, Vitality Extracting and Aether Extracting are prohibited.

- The “/ExtractStatus” command provides your extraction status.

- When you have Aether Poison Gas in your body, you can still move and activate other abilities, so move to a safe place before you utter the Cleansing Word.

2. To address various issues during the extraction process, items’ alignment, icons, and function have been changed.

- The icon for the Extraction Tool item has been changed.

- When using the Auto-Arrange Cube function, Extraction Tools now move to the first space of the cube.

- The gauge that shows during extraction is now red.

- An item that is currently being worn cannot be extracted.

3. The problem that color could not be applied when dyeing Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan's Shield and Shining Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan's Shield has been addressed.

4. Abnormalities in the item levels of Gold Medals and Silver Medals have been addressed.

5. Abnormal appearances when some items are equipped have been corrected.

6. Tooltip formatting issues with some items have been addressed.


1. An Instance Info window has been added to display information before entry into an instanced dungeon.

- You can open the window by using the “/CheckEntry” command or by clicking on Instance Info in the Menu.

- Not only can you check your own standby information, but also that of group members and alliance members.

2. Number buttons have been added to some windows.

- By clicking on the mouse, one can enter prices and volume.

- The colors of numbers change as the prices go up for clearer verification of the volume entered.

3. The search system of the Broker window is now more convenient.

- When searching for an item in the list tab, you can set options such as “Include Keyword” and “Match Keyword.”

- When you select Include Keyword, the system searches for items that include the keyword. Match Keyword searches for the item that directly corresponds to the keyword.

- The item name automatically appears in the search window when you right-click while opening the list tab, or left-click while holding down the <Alt> key.

- The item is registered when you right-click on the desired item while opening the Quantity tab.

4. Auto-Arrange Cube is available for each cube when you have many cubes.

- By right-clicking on the cube’s name, you can use the “Change Tab Name” and “Auto-Arrange Cube” functions.

5. You can now check your appearance after applying “Color Spray” and “Hair Dye” by using the Preview function before purchasing them.

6. When using the Plastic Surgery Ticket to change your appearance, a preview function has been added to check your appearance with a hat on.

- When changing your appearance, you can see how you look with a hat on by clicking on the Hat button.


1. In the Chain Skill window, a function has been added to set up basic Chain Skills to be more convenient.

- In the Chain Skill window, you can click and drag the Chain Skill icon onto skills that have the same condition for use.

2. During PvP, if the distance from the opposing character becomes farther than the distance required to use a skill, it is possible to use the skill by adjusting the shooting distance.

3. Elyos Templars cannot use the “Shield Retribution” skill unless they first equip a shield.

4. Issues with the Ranger’s “Hunter’s Might” skill and using an attack skill after the Hunter's Resolution effect disappears have been addressed.

5. The Assassin’s “Apply Poison” skill icon has been changed.

6. The damage number in the tool tip explanation of the Spiritmaster’s “Ignite Aether” and “Magic Implosion” now displays properly.


1. The number of Repeat Quests available inside the Steel Rake Ship has been changed.

2. The drop rates for “[Group] How to use Stigma” and “[Group] Stop the Shulacks!” have been increased.

3. Some title effects have been increased.

4. NPCs subject to conversation are now indicated on the map while executing Abyss quests.

5. When you get special rewards upon completion of a quest such as Greater Stigma Slot Expansion, Abyss Points, titles, cube expansion, or personal storage expansion, an explanation regarding the rewards no longer appears in the explanation window.

6. To prevent situations where you cannot proceed with a quest due to an NPC’s death, some NPCs’ HP have been increased.

- The Elyos NPC Pater and Asmodian NPC Needham will not attack any characters, and characters cannot attack them.

7. Typos and omissions in some quests and reward items have been addressed.

Instanced Dungeons

1. Stats of all monsters stationed in Dark Poeta have been changed.

- By decreasing Elemental Defense, Magical Attacks will deal more damage.

- Physical Defense has been slightly increased.

- HP of all monsters except for some boss monsters has been decreased.

2. Damage from Tahabata Pyrelord, the ultimate boss monster of Dark Poeta, has been decreased.

3. The difficulty in attacking the Steel Rake Ship has been decreased.

- Some monsters’ levels have been decreased.

- Some monsters have been repositioned for an easier battle in a dungeon and the battle behaviors have been changed as well.

- Food and Drink acquired in Hutkin's Safe area appear only around the door, and two people can acquire it, rather than three.

4. When defeating the boss monster of the Steel Rake Ship, Golden Eye Mantutu, Engineer Lahulahu, or Captain Hutkin, there’s a high probability of acquiring a Stigma Stone.

5. Madame Bovariki, who is at the bar in the middle layer of the Steel Rake Ship, can drop the Loot Depository Key at any time.

- When you defeat Madame Bovariki, you acquire the key to the second floor of the bar.

6. In the second floor of the Sea Song Tavern in the middle layer of the Steel Rake Ship, there is now an additional treasure chest.

7. You can go between the lower and middle layers of the Steel Rake Ship using the elevator.

- Elevator activation equipment is now available to move from the lower layer to the middle layer.

8. The price of the “Captain’s Treasure Chest Key”has been decreased. You can purchase it from the general goods merchant Pegureronerk in the lower layer of the Steel Rake Ship

9. For safety around the Dredgion exit, quard NPCs have been rearranged.

10. The stats of monsters in the Abyss Fortresses have been adjusted.

- Monsters’ maximum HP has been increased, but Physical Defense has been increased.

11. Issues with gliding inside Asteria have been addressed.

12. Problems with Krotan Refuge monsters appearing in Miren Fortress have been addressed.


1. Elemental Defense has been slightly decreased.

2. Possible casting distances of some skills appear correctly in the tool tip when changing weapons to equip a Polearm or Greatsword.

3. Auto Transfer is no longer removed even when one attacks during the Auto Transfer.

4. The number of Stigma Shards required for equipping a Stigma Stone has been decreased.

5. Maximum Abyss points available for a character above 1-star officer have been increased.


wtf now im never farming aether anymore. i mean the waiting time for the flighttime is hard enough ( if you wont use tons of pots)
pfft Evil or Very Mad

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PostSubject: Re: More Patch Details 1.5.1   Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:48 pm

They were going to introduce the Cleansing Word several patches ago, to try and stop bots gathering metals and materials

Depending how it works, actually in game, this should not cause to many problems.
Simply land, cleanse and continue.

It has to be too complicated to stop people using macros and simple enough not to interfere with the game.

Also how big is this patch.
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PostSubject: Re: More Patch Details 1.5.1   Wed Nov 11, 2009 7:26 pm

Any idea when we'll get this patch? Seems like i'm playing atm (could be mistaking though, with my amazing computer-knowledge Wink).

Slowly retiring from my pink phase, it's difficult though...

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Worthy Noble

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PostSubject: Re: More Patch Details 1.5.1   Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:23 am

they plan "this Month" but not exactly date yet.

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PostSubject: Re: More Patch Details 1.5.1   

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More Patch Details 1.5.1
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