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 [Translation] Aion Update 1.2

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PostSubject: [Translation] Aion Update 1.2   Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:19 pm

[Translation] Aion Update 1.2

Highlights of the update:

1. New Instance dungeon in Theobomos: Secret Laboratory
2. New Instance dungeon in Brusthonin: Ardma Fort (translation conflict)
3. Title stat boosts changed.
4. The way Dual Wield weapons gave attack speed bonus changed.

Table of Contents
1. Theobomos Secret Laboratory
2. Ardma Fort
3. Title Stat Boosts Change
- Elyos Titles
- Asmodian Titles
4. Dual Wield ASPD Change to Balance Classes
5. New Set Items Added
6. Armor Skin Change Items Sold By Traveling NPCs
7. New Outlook Change Items
- New Traditional Outfits
- Changes to Wearing These Outfits
- Screenshots
8. New Wings
9. Platinum Coin Quests Change
- Change to Reward Item Stats
- New Monsters for the Platinum Coin Quests
10. Changes to General Item Stats
- Stat Buffs to Staves
11. Penalties of PvP in Low Level Areas
12. Changes to NPCs
13. Changes to Quests
- Quests Added
- Quest Interface Changes
14. Changes to Crafting
15. Abyss
16. User Interface
- Marking System
- Communication System
17. Other Changes

1. Theobomos Secret Laboratory

Even though it is shorter than the current hardest dungeon, 드라웁니르?s Cave, at the end of it lies a powerful boss.

Entrance to the dongeon is in the southeast corner of Theobomos. You may enter after finishing the quest ?Secret Experiment of Theobomos.?

Within lies complex equipments and routes like the ones you would only find in secret labs. Boss monsters inside require strategy, not just Tank-And-Spank.

2. Ardma Fort

Located at the southeast corner of Brusthonin, this fort houses a large number of boss monsters. You may enter after completing the quest ?Secret of the Pollution.?

Again, it is shorter than the current hardest dungeon. However, you will need to defeat many bosses in multiple environments.

Starting from the dungeon pipes, you fight through gardens, Fort Commander Chambers, backyard, kitchen, and etc environments to finally arrive to meet the ghostly centaur boss in the deepest corner of this fort.

Oh, and don?t forget to pay your respect to the new celebrity of the male players.

3. Title Stat Boosts Change

61 Titles had their stats change. (even though the Powerbook says change, most of them has an added boost and/or their base stat boosts increased)

Using one site that has slightly incorrect names and the stats, and another with correct names and no stats. So the title names might not be accurate.

I am putting up all the changed stats of the titles, so if a stat that was in 1.0 is not there, then assume its been removed.

Elyos Titles, New Effects (in > X <, where X represents new number or new effect)

Poeta?s Protector: +20 HP, > +5 < Defense
Patient: +3 Dodge, > +6 Accuracy <
Mabangtah?s Envoy: > +10 < Defense, +8 Shield Defense
Demolitions Expert: > +2 < Attack, > +15 < Magical Boosting Power
Eltnen?s Hero: > +40 HP <, > +15 < Defense, > +8 < Magical Resistance
Newt Hunter: +9 Magical Boosting Power, > +6 < Magical Accuracy
Master of Flight: > +4% < Flight speed, > +2 < Max Flight Time
Thou taketh away, Thou giveth: > -5 < Defense, > +7 < Physical Critical Hit
Appeaser of Souls: > +5 < Physical Critical Hit, > +2 < Attack, +8 Parry
Problem Solver: +36 HP, > +15 < Defense, > +8 < Shield Defense
Inspector: +8 Accuracy, > +6 < Dodge, +2% ASPD
Savior of Eiron Forest: > +30 < HP, > +24 < MP, > +3% < Movement Speed (This one was nerfed)
Lonely Bounty Hunter: +8 Magical Boosting Power, > +1% < Flight Speed, +2 Max Flight Time
Detective: +1 Attack, > +4% < Movement Speed, +8 Magical Boosting Power
Defeater of the Indratu Legion: > +8 < Physical Critical Hit, +11 Magical Boosting Power, +2 Max Flight Time
Belbua?s Benefactor: > +35 HP <, > +15 < Shield Defense
Poor Camouflage Master: > +45 < MP, > +8 < Magical Resistance
Experienced Fisher: > +10 < Accuracy, > +8 Physical Critical Hit <, > +8 Magical Accuracy<
Excellent Spy: > +57 HP <, > +3 Attack <, > +10 Magical Resistance <
Novice Asmodian Hunter: > +40 HP <
Expert Asmodian Hunter: > +20 HP <, > +5 Max Flight Time <
Undefeated: > +50 HP <, > +5 Max Flight Time <, > +3% Flight Speed <
Heroic: > +60 HP <, > +5 Max Flight Time <, > +2% < Flight Speed, > +2% < ASPD

This title might be the Gullible title, 눈뜨고 코 베인: Original Stats: +4 Fire Resistance, +4 Dodge, +2% Flight Speed, changed to: +3 Max Flight Time, +4 Dodge, +2% Flight Speed.

Unable to find this title, 아조투란 파괴자 which means Destroyer of Azoturan in English. Original Stats: +6 Physical Critical Hit, +36 MP, changed to +36 MP, +8 Parry and +8 Physical Critical Hit.

This title might be the Eulogist title, 거신병 연구가: Original Stats: +45 HP, +15 Magical Boosting Power, changed to: -45 HP, +3 Attack, and +15 Magical Boosting Power.

Negligible enough change on one other title that it is not worth mentioning.

Asmodian Titles, New Effects

Bandit Hero: +20 HP, > +5 < Defense
Legendary Hunter: +6 Parry, > +2% < Movement Speed
Defeater of WhiteLash Lukerok: > +8 < Magical Resistance, > +8 < Dodge
Lord of the Necklace: > +34 < MP, > +8 Magical Boosting Power <
Protector of Morheim: > +40 HP <, > +15 Defense <, > +8 < Magical Resistance
Shugo Chef: > +2 Max Flight Time <, > +6 < Dodge
Energized after eating Millennium Ginseng: +40 HP, > +3% Movement Speed <
Honorary Kidorun: > +6 < Dodge, +8 Parry, > +2% < Flight Speed
Champion of the Elderly: > +12 Magical Boosting Power <, +42 MP
Friend of Kong and Pat: > +40 HP <, > +15 < Shield Defense
Silver Mane Benefactor: > +2 < Attack, > +6 Parry <, > +15 < Magical Boosting Power
Postal: > +36 HP, MP <, > +3% < Movement Speed
Slayer of Mabangta: > +2% ASPD <, > +8 Accuracy <, > +6 Dodge <
Dukari?s Servent: > +2 Attack <, > +15 < Defense, > +8 Physical Critical Hit <
Fast, Exact, and Reliable: > +1% Flight Speed <, +6 Magical Boosting Power
Unyielding Pioneer: > +28 MP <, +2 Magical Accuracy
Protector of Brusthonin: > +2 Attack <, +3 Physical Critical Hit
Cheated by Sleipnir: +10 Accuracy, > +8 Magical Accuracy <, > +4% Movement Speed <
Beluslan?s Hero: > +3 Max Flight Time <, > +8 < Physical Critical Hit, > +11 Magical Boosting Power <
Hunter of the Snowfield: > +7 Physical Critical Hit <, +9 Accuracy
Savior of Besfer Villagers: > +10 Magical Boosting Power <, > +8 < Magical Accuracy
Sweeper of Musfel Volcano: > +32 HP <, +3 Fire Resistance
Ancient Book Collector: > +40 HP <, > +2 < Attack, > +12 Shield Defense <
All the Way to Elysea for Nothing: > +57 HP <, > +20 Defense <, > +8 Physical Critical Hit <
Fluent in Balaur: > +46 MP <, > +3 Magical Accuracy, Resistance <
Novice Elyos Hunter: > +40 HP <
Expert Elyos Hunter: > +50 HP <, > +5 Max Flight Time <
Undefeated: > +50 < HP, > +5 Max Flight Time <, > +3% Flight Speed <
Heroic: > +60 < HP, > +5 < Max Flight Time, > +2% Flight Speed <, > +2 ASPD <
Kind: > +57 MP <, > +7 Magical Resistance <, > +15 Magical Boosting Power <
Born Merchant: > +3 Max Flight Time <, +4 Dodge, +2% Flight Speed
Pirates of the Caribbean: > +4 Max Flight Time <, +2 Attack, > +6 < Physical Critical Hit

Unable to find these titles: 요주의 인물 and 원혼 위로 전문가, cannot even find possible title matches. But not like anyone?s gonna care.

4. Dual Wield ASPD Change to Balance Classes

We have changed the way ASPD becomes calculated due to the unfairness of dual-wield classes compared to single-wield classes. To minimize the harm to players due to these updates, we have made the following changes:

- When using a dual-wield weapon set, both Attack Speed increases apply, but only the higher of the two will take effect.
- Any other bonus stats that come from both weapons are all applied as before.
- To minimize the losses due to this change, any soul bound items that have an ASPD increase will be unbound.
- If this ?unbounding? occurs while your character cube is full, the unbound item will be moved to a temporary slot made in your cube.

5. New Set Items Added

6. Armor Skin Change Items Sold By Traveling NPCs

Had these armors that was supposed to be the idea of Elyos wearing Asmodian armors and likewise.

7. New Outlook Change Items

New Traditional Outfits
In each capital cities of Sanctum and Pandaemonium, there are Quality Boutique shops. In it you can purchase new outfits such as Han Bok (traditional Korean Clothing) and Chi-Pao and Chang-Pao (Chinese, I assume). If you like colorful clothing, pay these Divine Cloth NPC?s a visit.

It used to consume all 5 slots (pauldron, gloves, boots, torso, and pants) to wear these unique outfits. But now it only uses 1 slot. You can also wear these as battle outfits.

1. Can go into battle wearing other armaments.
2. Can use a Skin Changer to these outfits for your other battle armaments.

8. New Wings

Once you complete the quests Secret Experiment of Theobomos (Elyos) and Secret of the Pollution, you can get these wings as REWARDS (that?s right, REWARD.)
The two quests are the required entry quests into the Theobomos Secret Laboratory and Brusthonin Ardma Fort.

Thats are crazy Wings love boobs boobs

9. Platinum Coin Quests Change

Changes to Reward Item Stats

Made the Chain Gloves of Elyos and Asmodian Army Soldier Level 3s? Stats match, with both having ASPD of +8%.

Previously it was only on the Asmodian reward.

New Monsters for the Platinum Coin Quests

Self Explanatory? they added in more monsters so kill-steals by evil mages don?t have to happen as frequently.

10. Changes to General Item Stats

Stat Buffs to Staves

Increased Base Stats for all Staves in existence.

Physical Critical Hit Increased by 30
Parry Increased by 40

11. Penalties of PvP in Low Level Areas

If you go on a killing rampage in enemy territory (does not apply to the Abyss), you will receive penalties for doing so. This is called the Slayer System. The effects are as follows:

1. Depending on the amount of killings you will receive points. If your penalty points go over a certain limit, you will receive the penalty effects. If you kill lower leveled players than you, you will receive more points.

2. The penalty effects are categorized into two. One is a ?Curse? and you cannot use rifts. The second is a ?Judgment? and under this effect you cannot be resurrected in any Kiosk placed in the enemy territory, as well as use rifts.

3. The name of the Curse/Judgment depends on the race. If you are Elyos, you will receive Curse/Judgment of Asphel. Asmodians will get Curse/Judgment of Ariel.

4. Once you come under Curse or Judgment, your location will be revealed throughout the local map for the entire opposing faction members. Also, even if you are under a hiding skill, your title will be seen, making it even easier to be spotted.

5. You must go back to your own lands or the Abyss and wait for a certain amount of time for the Curse or Judgment to disappear.

6. If you or someone else kills a slayer, 12 nearby players of the dead body will receive buffs.

7. The killer of the slayer will be announced throughout the area chat under the format of ?[Race]?s Hero [Killer of the Slayer] has defeated [Slayer] while he was under [Judgment or Curse] of [Ariel or Asphel].

12. Changes to NPCs

Abyss Trainer NPC?s No longer give AP and Exp.
Also, stronger NPCs placed in Towns to protect them better.

13. Changes to Quests

Quests Added
Can now complete the final Campaign Quest in Elysea and Asmodae. Elyos can complete the Secret Experiment of Theobomos, and Asmodians can complete the Secret of the Pollution, both of which are required entry quests for their respective top-tier instance dongeons.

Quest Interface Changes

1. Can now look up the names/places/things highlighted in blue on the quest side bar, without having to go into the quest tab.
2. Fixed a bug regarding an Elyos quest
3. Fixed a bug regarding an Asmodian quest in Beluslan
4. Fixed a bug regarding an Asmodian quest in Abyss

14. Changes to Crafting

Now shows what the green/blue/orange output of the item you are crafting will be.

Also, the game now displays whether a party member has failed/succeeded crafting an item.

15. Abyss

1. A change has been made to getting AP through PvP in Eltnen, Morhein, Interdica, and Beluslan. If you die in the opposing faction?s areas, you will lose slightly more AP than you used to. If you kill an opposing faction?s member in your own land you will gain slightly more AP than you used to.
2. Fixed the bug where you used to see a combination of AP gain from killing multiple opponents at once.
3. The NPC placed in Divine Fortress ?Ereshkigal?s 1st Guardian? has a modified battle skill-usage.

16. User Interface

Marking System

To enhance the Marking System, removed signs Red Arrow, Musical Notes, Hot Springs, then added in Shield 1, Shield 2, Bomb, and Skull signs.

Communication System

1. Able to communicate with players of your same class with /4 option.
2. Shows a record of sales when a transaction is made on your Private Store.
3. Game no longer shows blocked user(s) messages on all chat.
4. Fixed a bug regarding map becoming foggy or the name of the cube becoming ?????
5. Game now shows when a legion member has logged on.
6. Game alerts you when the ?Turn off Chat? option has been changed, with the message ?You can now use your chat function again.?
7. Made the separate chat tab sizes smaller.
8. Fixed the bug where the name of the tab didn?t display properly after you changed it.
9. The macro message ?You have stopped using the macro? now only displays in chat.
10. Added the ?Status? help tab in the new player user tips pop-ups.
11. Game now displays the name of the recipient in the confirmation to send mail.

17. Other Changes

- Changed the color of the Elyos Customization 23rd female face from blue to the normal skin color.
- Fixed the bug where movement speed boost scroll and flight speed boost scroll?s effects overlapped each other.
- Fixed the bug where the Godstone glow effect only affected tilt of the Sword of the Spirit.
- Fixed a bug regarding an item.
- Fixed the annoying problem of the Remove Manastone pop-up closing everytime you removed manastone(s) from items.
- Fixed the bug when a skill has its hotkey selected as one of the letters, the skill?s usage was unusual.
- Fixed the problem where in Broker Interface in categories going over 100, the page numbers stacked on each other.
- Fixed the bug where if you made a character on the test server, it added to the amount of characters you are allowed (total 5 on main servers, 8 on test servers).

PS: Not mentioned in the update log, but you can now turn off the nonsense repeated by your spellcasting cuties.

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[Translation] Aion Update 1.2
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