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 Content Update 1.3 - Semi-Official Content news

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PostSubject: Content Update 1.3 - Semi-Official Content news   Sat Jun 27, 2009 1:22 pm

NOTE: This is not a final list showing all the upcoming content of 1.3, infos were acquired via a sneak peek preview event.

3 New types of Instances, and New lvl50 Zone

NCsoft has some big plans for this summer. A lot of the things listed below are still under planning, and are not 100% certain to be added to the game, but I'm sure a lot of you still want to read what NCsoft is planning : )

1. 3 New types of instances!

- This will be a new approach compared to the traditional WoW-style instances. The first type of instance is an arcade instance. It's focus is going to be strategic group play to kill the boss as soon as possible.
- Both elyos and asmodians will be able to access these instances through rifts. You'll be traveling to the region that was recently conquered by the Dragons.
- The reward will vary depending on how you decide to clear this instance under how much time. Since you'll be killing dragons, you'll be acquiring abyss points. The final boss will also very depending on your strategy, meaning your reward will vary every time.
- It's up to you if you want to go for all DPS speed run, or full party extermination going for every Named Mob in the instance. The reward is going to be items with a grade or two higher than the currently highest grade Unique items.

2. RvR battle instance. Infiltrating a Dreadgion!

The second type instance is a battleground style instance where Elyos and Asmodians will be battling through to progress. One party from each side will be entering a Dreadgion. They can either fight through or simply try to kill the captain of the Dreadgion first. Abyss points will be amonst the many rewards from this instance. If you die in here, you'll be able to revive in a set point within the instance.
- Players will have to decide how they want to deal with the other party and how to reach the final boss faster.
- This is not a regular Dreadgion you see in fortress seiges. This is going to be a special Dreagion only enterable at specific times.
- The regular Dreadgions are still floating battleships that will drop Blue Draconic gears.

3. Battle-shugos

- This is supposed to be a fun leveling instance for people still stuck in the leveling stage of Aion. This instance will be designed like a ship with evolved Shugos that are hostile to the players.This instance is designed with casual players in mind and will contain many quests.

4. What about the fortresses
- A lot of people are complaining that fortress seiges have no real incentive. There will be new reward type content for each specific fortresses.

5. New Quests
- Bunch of new quests related to new instances, and some class specific quests
- Lvl50 Daevanion Quest ' This won't be in form of current 'lvl 5 different characters' one. This is going to take a lot of time to finish as an end game content. Considering the reward is a Unique grade Daevanion, it'll be worth the time.
- Final Mission - The mission coming with this update will be the final mission of this Episode. It will sum up everything the player has done so far and foreshadow whats to come in the next episode.

6. Stigmas
There will be new stigmas for each class. Players will be able to increase the number of their stigma slots by 1 through a quest!
Right now the stigma system is providing a lot less choice than it was supposed to. This update will allow players to have varying set ups.

Also, they will not be increasing the level cap for a while.

7. New Items
There will be new set items with powerful set bonuses. There will also be new grade of items higher than Unique. These items will probably be acquired only through the new instances mentioned above
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Content Update 1.3 - Semi-Official Content news
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